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About Deviant Steven ChastonMale/United States Group :iconstellar-consortium: Stellar-Consortium
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Steven Chaston
United States
  • Listening to: My own thoughts
  • Reading: BoM
  • Playing: Trying not to.....
  • Eating: Maybe I'll go get a sub
  • Drinking: Should probably get some water
~About you~
What's your name?: Steven
Why were you named that?: Because my parents liked the name. I've asked, and there's really no deeper meaning.
Are you male or female?: Male
Would you rather be the opposite gender?: Theoretically, sometimes. However, there's never any actual desire. I'm good with being a guy.
How old are you?: Just turned 25.
How tall are you?: About 5'8"
Are you happy with your height?: I feel too tall. Weird, right?
How much do you weigh?: I'm actually not certain, but I'd guess somewhere from 120-130 pounds.
Are you happy with your weight?: Fairly. I need to gain some muscle, but I'm kinda okay.
What color are your eyes?: Blue, with some other stuff thrown in as well.
What's the natural color of your hair?: Kind of an ash blonde, light brown.....thing.
Do your dye your hair? If so, what color?: Really not a fan of it when people do that.
What's your body type? (i.e.: triangle, rounded, diamond, etc.): Pole.
Do you know your blood type? If so what is it?: A+. High expectations asian father would be satisfied.
Are you happy with your appearance?: Hey, it's what it is, in't it? But yeah, sure, why not?
What is your sexuality?: Straight as a rail.
~What's your favorite...~
Food: Lasagna
Drink: Whole milk
Color: Sky Blue Pink
Animal: Tiger
Book: Really hard to choose just one, but I do love the Chronicles of Narnia series. So we'll go with that.
Magazine: Nope
Newspaper: Nope
Website: Meh
Pen: Nope; I use mechanical pencils.
Movie: Once again, do I really have to choose one? Alright, let's go with Tangled.
Holiday: Christmas
Myth: Meh
Childhood story:
Weather: Misty with solid cloud cover.
Eye color: Honestly doesn't matter, though blue is nice.
Music player: Anything that makes it sound good.
Flower: Bleeding Heart
Sport: Soccer
Vacation spot: Anywhere I can be with people I haven't seen in a while.
Ocean: Mediterranean Sea. It's straight-up gorgeous.
Shampoo: Garnier Fructis
Deodorant: Degree Ultra Dry
Computer/Laptop: Well, I'm used to HP, but wouldn't be upset if I had to switch to Mac
Store: Market Basket. Such good food!
Clothing brand: Don't care. Seriously. At all. In any way, shape, or form. Just need it to fit and be comfortable, and look at least halfway decent.
Shoe: Well, I do love the Pumas I currently own, but I had a pair of Asics Gel Nimbus.......I forget the number....maybe 6? They seriously felt like walking on clouds. Not literally, though, because that would be cold and wet and involve a lot of falling and screaming. These shoes had none of that, and they lasted for ten years. I've had these Pumas for about a year, and they're in almost the same shape as those were.
~This or That~
Pepsi or Coke?: IBC Root Beer
Water or Tea?: Water
Braces or Retainer?: Um....
Bed or Couch?: Bed
Past or Future?: Future
Woods or City?: Woods
School or Work (as in job)?: School
Sun or Moon?: I'll pick Luna over Celestia
Fire or Water?: Water
TV or Computer?: Computer
Shower or Bath?: Shower. I don't want to soak in my own filth.
Unusual or Normal?: Unusual
Predictable or Unpredictable?: Predictable
Explainable or Unexplainable?: Unexplainable
Honesty or Deceit?: Honesty. Can't stand deceit.
Together or Alone?: Togevvah......fowevvah.
Sunny or Rainy?: Rainy
Cats or Dogs?: Dogs, though I do like cats as well.
Reptiles or Birds?: Birds, and ditto
Poltergeists or Demons?: Ew, gross. No. Though the lesser of the two would be poltergeists
Eating or Starvation?: Um, I'm not sure why this is even a question. Seriously. Who would ever choose eating over starvation?
Summer or Winter?: Winter
Night-Owl or Early-Bird?: Night-Owl
Peace or War?: Peace
God or Satan?: God. Duh.
Life or Death? Life, to which the natural end is death.
~First Thing To Come To Your Mind...~
Blood: Red
Nightmare: Moon
Clown: Why is that even here???????
Squirrel: Hi there!
Great: Awesome
Royal: Sisters
Fangs: Awesome
Inside: Yay, no sun!
Outside: Oppressive heat
Voices: Lieder
Darkness: Light
Light: Happy
Snake: Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!!!!
Bed: Sleep
Ocean: Big Blue Wet Thing
Family: Love
Myths: Weird
Demons: Evil
Angels: Frickin' sweet
Love: Joy
Hate: Sadness
God: Love
Satan: Hate
Nothing: Emptiness
The Unknown: Why?
~The What's, Who's, When's and Why~
What's your earliest childhood memory?: The teddy bear picnic at Hilltop Elementary, just before first grade started.
What's your worst childhood memory (that can be shared)?: I've forgotten all the bad ones. I'm fairly adept at that.
What's your new years revolution for this year?: A New Year's Revolution, eh? Nah, I don't think we need to overthrow the government just yet.
What's your current pet(s) name(s)?: I have none.
What's your relationship status currently?: Single, hoping to start dating people again soon.
What's your current health (unhealthy or healthy?)?: I have some major work to do before I can really be classified as healthy, but I'm certianly getting by.
What's your current mood?: A mite frustrated with myself.
What's the nearest book to you?: Eventide.
What's the color of your nails/toenails?: Um.....natural?
What's the time where you're at?: About 1:30 pm.
What's the one thing you'd DIE before doing?: Only one thing? Well, a lot of big things have a few exceptions (such as killing in self-defense), so I guess I'd have to go with sexual intercourse outside the bonds of matrimony.
What's the name of the person you love?: Don't have one in the way that's implied, and if we take it down a level, there are too many to list.
What's the name of the person you hate?: I try really hard not to.
What's the subject in school/college that you just hate(d)?: English. So fricking hard.
Who's the bestest friend what you wouldn't trade for the world?: Rachel Muessig
Who's "that" friend who has a heart of gold?: Mariel Fluhr
Who's the person who you love but doesn't love like that back?: Um, I think I already answered that I don't love anyone in that way right now.
Who's the person you would never hurt?: If I could help it, I wouldn't hurt anyone. However, that doesn't always end up being the case.
Who's the person you'd confess anything to?: Rachel Muessig.
Who's the person you argued with? Joel Johnstun.
Who's the last person to say 'I love you' to you?: My mom....or maybe my dad?
Who's the last person you said 'I love you' to?: Probably the same as above.
Who's the last person to hug you (through the internet & in person)?: Through the internet, that would be Rachel Muessig again (she just keeps popping up). In person, one of my roommates, whose name is eluding me at the moment.
Who's the last person you punched?: I don't even remember. It can't have been in recent years.
Who's the last person to help you out with something?: Rachel Muessig. Or maybe my mom.
Who's the last person you called on the phone?: My mom.
Who's the last person you saw?: My roommates, simultaneously.
Who's the last person you talked to?: My mom, in the aforementioned phone call.
When was the last time you just stopped and were happy for what you have?: Right now.
When was the last time you hit something to take all the frustration out?: I think it would've been about a month ago, after an argument wih Joel.
When was the last time you wrote your feelings down?: Isn't that what I'm doing right now?
When was the last time you spent quality time with your family?: Last weekend.
When was the last time you did something for somebody without asking anything in return?: This past week, letting my roommates use my panini maker and eat my Otter Pops. Happy to help. Also, being there emotionally for my best friend. Though I guess that with that one, I do want something in return: for them to reciprocate that.
When was the last time you thought outside of the box?: Last week, creating a D&D-based character.
When was the last time you believed in yourself? Last time I talked to Rachel (over phone).
When was the last time you confessed something to somebody?: See previous comment.
When was the last time you felt remorse?: See previous comment.
When was the last time you felt pure joy?: See previous comment.
When was the last time you smiled and really meant it?: See previous comment.
When was the last time you cried yourself to sleep?: It's been a while. I don't remember.
When was the last time you stood up for what you believe in?: Prior to the last time I "hit something to take all the frustration out".
When was the last time you stood up for someone who was hurt?: I don't really remember.
Why did you do this quiz?: Because I saw it and it looked fun.

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